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cessna skyhawk


Chicago Midway Airport




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ASA Private Pilot DVD Course

API is one of the oldest aviation airplane flying flight training Private Pilot schools in the USA.
Learn to fly at API.  Be a licensed certified FAA Private Pilot and take your family and friends flying.
We have accelerated ground and flight programs. Located in Chicago, Illinois.

Private  Pilot  Certificate

API makes flying simple, safe, easy and fun
Save Time and Money

If you wish to learn, then learn from the best
40th year in Business

What is involved in becoming a Private Pilot ?

  • Flying an airplane can be simple and easy, when you pay attention to details
  • Flying is about 92 times safer than driving an automobile
  • As a Private Pilot you can fly any where in the country and take passengers with you
  • Private Pilots can not receive money for flying airplanes, only Commercial Pilots can be paid
  • The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) establishes the requirements to become a pilot
  • You need to able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language
  • You must be 17 years old to be awarded your Private Pilot Certificate
  • You have to be at least 16 years old before you can fly by yourself which is called solo flight
  • You are required to have a minimum of 40 hours of physical flight time in an airplane
  • Your flight time will consist of flying with an instructor (dual) and flying by yourself (solo)
  • There are four exams that you must successfully pass to acquire your Private Pilot Certificate
  • The exams consist of: a flight physical, a written, an oral, and an actual flight test
  • You can start your training without a physical but must pass a flight physical before soloing
  • The flight physical is a general medical exam, to confirm that you will not have any flight restrictions.
  • The written exam, also called a knowledge exam, requires a score of 70% or higher to pass
  • You will be required to pass an oral exam administered by an FAA flight examiner on the day of your flight test
  • The flight test is an actual flight whereby you demonstrate your flying abilities to an FAA examiner

    Why is Aviation Professionals Incorporated - API   Your best choice for a flight school ?

  • Only a few schools in the country can boast they have been training pilots for over 3 decades
  • API for over 39 years has been training individuals to become Private Pilots, Commercial Pilots, and Airline Transport Pilots
  • We can boast that almost every major airline will have pilots who were trained at API
  • We have hundreds of thousands of hours in experience with our programs
  • Even the United States Air Force had contracted with us to teach some of their cadets how to fly before those individuals entered the Air Force Academy

  • API has developed its own exclusive and unique training method over the last 39 years
  • Our method of training is based around simple common sense technique and procedures
  • The technique is called ATTITUDE FLYING and the procedures are called CAP
  • ATTITUDE FLYING using our CAP procedures makes flying simple, safe, and easy to understand
  • ATTITUDE FLYING provides you with instant feedback as to what the airplane is doing
  • A pilot flies an airplane using hand and foot CONTROLS
  • When explained properly you will understand that the airplane's CONTROLS have very simple movements
  • When moving the controls you need to have an instant visual reference to see how the airplane is reacting
  • These visual references are specific ATTITUDES that are created by comparing the relationship that certain parts of the airplane make relative to the ground, runway, or horizon
  • Maintaining a specific attitude will produce specific aircraft PERFORMANCE
  • You will move the CONTROLS to acquire specific ATTITUDES to get the desired PERFORMANCE
  • API's system has proven to work universally with both private, and commercial aircraft
  • API is the only place in the world that teaches ATTITUDE FLYING and the CAP procedures

  • Learning to fly at Chicago Midway Airport you will gain invaluable experience
  • In the Unites States, all major cities that have airports, will have Control Towers
  • To be able to utilize all the airports, in addition to knowing how to fly an airplane, you also have to know how to communicate with the air traffic controllers
  • The controls towers have controllers responsible for the efficient and safe movement of all aircraft traffic on and around an airport
  • Midway Airport has a Control Tower that is in service 24 hours a day
  • Training at API will teach you the proper procedures to communicate with the air traffic controllers and radar controllers
  • An airport that has a control tower creates an extremely safe, and efficient environment because there is an additional staff of individuals coordinating the flow of traffic
  • Smaller airports do not have control towers so it is very difficult to understand and practice your communication skills with air traffic controllers
  • Learning to fly at Midway Airport will give you the confidence to use other major airports in the country, because you are well versed, and familiar in using proper radio procedures

                                                    Ground School Training

  • API uses state of the art interactive DVD home study training courses which are compatible for use with either a computer, personal DVD player, or television
  • The courses allow you progress at your own rate while studying at home
  • The DVD course will present the information to you as if you were watching a movie
  • Old large classroom style instruction has become obsolete, and inefficient
  • The course is interactive to make sure that you are understanding the material presented to you
  • Included in the DVD course is a text book with has the actual written exam questions with answers and explanations
  • One on one private ground instruction is also provided for any subject areas that you would prefer additional assistance

    To Get Started or Acquire More Information Call or

Open 7 Days a Week

Chicago Midway Airport
Southwest Corner of Airport
6321 S. Central Ave
Chicago, IL 60638


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API Can Make Your Dreams Come True

Private Pilot - Commercial Pilot - Instrument Rating
Flight Instructor Airplane - Flight Instructor Instrument
Airline Transport Pilot

  • The most advanced flight and ground school courses in the world 
  • No previous experience required 
  • State of the art PCATD Flight Simulators for instrument training 
  • State of the art navigation and communication systems 
  • Aircraft Rentals 
  • FAA & FCC Approved Written Test Center (CATS) 
  • In-house Certified Flight Examiners 
  • Friendly, courteous, professional FAA CERTIFIED FLIGHT INSTRUCTORS 
  • Training at your convenience available 7 days a week 
  • Training Pilots for over 39 YEARS

We are one of the oldest aviation airplane Private Pilot flight schools in the USA. Be one the best pilots you can and learn to fly in a professional environment. For years we have been training individuals to become certified FAA Private Pilots while flying daily in and out of commercial airports. Smaller airports will not provide that type of exposure. Our training school will give you the confidence to fly anywhere in the United States or abroad. Our instructors will do everything in their power so that you can become the safest pilot possible, in the shortest period of time, while spending the least amount of money. By using a state of the art DVD accelerated ground school program and our tried and tested common sense CAP method of training, you will discover that becoming a pilot is easier than you think. The Private Pilots license can be the start for a professional career in aviation. Being in business for 39 years is a testimony to our success. Our school located Midway Airport in Chicago, Illinois.

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